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Top 10 Effective Ways on How to Stop Hair Loss in Men and Women

Hair loss is among the most serious maladies that plague men and women of all ages all over the world. While this condition is not in the least bit life threatening, it does come with a number of consequences, not the least of which is constant embarrassment and reduced self-esteem. For those who suffer from hair loss, it is necessary to know and understand any and all possible solutions to this condition.
Listed below are 10 of the most effective ways on how to stop hair loss and restore healthy hair.

1. Change Your Diet

A lot of people assume that hair loss is all about genetics (as in the case of male pattern baldness) and age. However, many studies have shown that poor diet can also contribute to the degradation of hair follicles as well as the rate of hair regeneration, which occurs overtime. A healthy consumption of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits, specifically those that are rich in fiber as well as the nutrients responsible for the production of Keratin.
Tip: Carrots are a particularly great choice for hair nourishment. It is best eaten raw to get as much nutrients as possible.

2. Steer Clear of Harmful Chemicals from Hair Products

The excessive use of hair care products can very well cause hair loss, especially in women. Most people are not aware that many products in the market today, i.e. shampoos, conditioners, leave-on serums, are filled with chemicals that have adverse cumulative effects on the hair as well as scalp, especially when used often and in copious amounts.
If you cannot completely abstain from using such hair products, it is best to opt for those that use natural ingredients only. There are a number of online stores that exclusively sell organic haircare products, all of which are made from all natural ingredients only.

3. Do Not Brush Your Hair Too Much

The myth about 100 brushstrokes every night is not only unnecessary but also potentially harmful to one’s crowning glory. Constant and vigorous brushing/combing can cause hair strands to become brittle and prone to breakage. Preventing/stopping hair loss will require the use of soft bristle hairbrush or wide-toothed comb, which goes easier on the strands even when vigorous strokes are used.

4.Avoid Applying Too Much Heat on Your Hair

This tip applies specifically to women, especially those who blow-dry their hair on a regular basis. While human hair is inherently resilient, it can be damaged through constant exposure to extreme heat. Drying your hair with a fan or with the use of a thick towel is much safer since it does not cause any damage to the strands or the follicles.

5. Steer Clear of Stress Triggers

Not too many people are aware that stress is a major culprit of hair loss in men and women. Elevated cortisol levels have been known to cause not only feelings of anxiety and depression, but hair loss as well. In order to stop hair loss before it begins (or become worse), it is important to keep oneself away from stress triggers such lack of sleep, extremely long hours at work, and many others.
Keeping calm and stress-free can be achieved through a number of ways, i.e. getting an occasional massage, indulging in relaxing activities such as swimming and dancing, and regular light exercise (yoga). Deep meditation is also highly recommended as it puts the body in a state of rest, which blocks out feelings of anxiety and stress.

6. Cut Back on Caffeine and Other Caffeinated and/or Carbonated Beverages

Coffee, sodas, and other beverages that are caffeinated or carbonated are natural diuretics (substances that cause you to urinate often), which can lead to dehydration. This can adversely affect the structural integrity of the hair follicles and cause significant hair loss over time. One cup of coffee everyday should be alright, but anything more can very well cause hair fall and hair loss and the effects are irreversible.

7. Get Adequate Sleep

All natural repairs in the body occur during REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) so it is very important to get at least seven to eight solid hours each night. During REM, the cells in your hair follicles regenerate and allow healthy growth. In the absence of sleep, the body cannot replace damaged cells, which then can cause hair to fall out rapidly.

8. Treat Your Scalp Well

While many people buy countless products to use on their hair, very few actually bother to take care of their scalp, which is even more important than hair strands. A scalp in excellent condition ensures thick lustrous hair, so it is necessary to condition it regularly (through hot oil and/or scalp massage treatment).
There are many other existing treatments that can help maintain a healthy scalp and it is always a good idea to try at least one or more of these.

9. Allow Natural Oils to Flourish

Washing your hair everyday is certainly unnecessary and can even be counterintuitive at times. Human hair contains natural oils that keep it shiny and healthy, so constant washing (and conditioning) can yield undesirable results. Ideally, you should only shampoo and/or condition your hair every other day in order to preserve the oils.

10. Use Natural Herbs and Supplements

Aloe and Saw Palmetto are just some of the most helpful natural herbs and supplements that can aid in stopping and/or preventing hair loss. These can be used in their raw and original form as well as in capsulated form. There are a number of excellent hair loss supplements in the market today, many of which are created with the use of multiple naturally occurring active ingredients that work well on hair follicles.
There are also herb-based supplements that promote rapid hair regrowth, which is something that people need when their hairloss has progressed into semi or complete baldness.

These are highly effective ways on how to stop as well as prevent hair loss and each item is fairly easy to follow. For the most part, caring for your hair is about keeping it away from harmful substances and helping your body replenish any lost nutrients. Hair loss can be debilitating for many people, but it can also be effectively prevented using very simple and practical methods.

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