How To Stop Hair Loss Completely Naturally

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How to stop hair loss naturally

How To Stop Hair Loss Naturally


Many people start losing their hair due to aging, stress, or vitamin and mineral deficiencies. While the causes of hair loss can be difficult to understand, there are some basic recommendations on how to stop hair loss naturally. These remedies are easy to use and can prevent you from continuing to experience hair loss.

Herbs and supplements

Saw Palmetto

The first method is to try herbs and supplements. Saw Palmetto is a plant that has been used by the Native Americans for hundreds of years to promote healthy hair growth. It works by blocking the body’s production of DHT, a compound that contributes to hair loss. In studies, it has been shown to be effective in preventing further hair loss.


There are also some vitamins which may be deficient in your diet, contributing to hair loss. Vitamins A, E, and B are essential for healthy hair and can help to keep your hair full and thick. Vitamin A is an antioxidant which promotes a healthy production of sebum in the scalp while vitamin E stimulates circulation to keep hair follicles productive. A B-complex vitamin helps the body produce melanin which keeps the scalp healthy and encourages hair follicles to continue growing.

Topical Treatments

Massage treatments

In addition to supplements, there are also some great topical treatments which are effective. Essential oils combined with a scalp massage work well to prevent hair loss. Massage treatments promote circulation in the scalp, and keep the hair follicles active. You can massage your scalp by hand for just a few minutes a day. Use lavender or bay oil mixed with almond or sesame oil as a base on the scalp.

Hot oil treatment

Consider using a hot oil treatment. Natural oils such as canola, olive, or safflower are the best. The oil should be heated to a warm temperature and then massaged into the scalp. It’s best to leave on fora bout an hour, covering the hair with a shower cap, and then rinsing or shampooing the oil out. This warm oil helps to sooth the scalp and also will increase circulation in the area.

Rangoli Henna

A topical treatment that may surprise you is rangoli henna. This is a powder that works by sealing the cuticle, effectively strengthening the hair shaft at the base and preventing further hair loss. You can find this green powder at many health stores and it should be rubbed into the hair and left for several hours for maximum effectiveness.

Lifestyle and diet changes

A third and final treatment for preventing hair loss naturally is making lifestyle changes. Hair loss can be caused by stress or a poor diet, so focusing on this area may be all that is needed. Make a dietary change by including more high-protein foods into your daily diet. Lean meats, fish, soy products, and other high-quality protein sources are important to get every day into your diet. Protein is essential for healthy, vibrant hair and can also work to prevent further hair loss. Work on increasing the amount of protein you get every day.

You may also need to change the way that you care for your hair. The experts always recommend that you don’t brush wet hair and avoid rubbing hair dry with a towel. Air drying your hair is the best option or you can also blow dry it until it is still damp and then let it dry by itself. Be sure to use natural hair products that don’t contain any harsh chemicals that may cause further hair loss. Look for ones that promote healthy, thick hair.

Finally, work on containing your stress levels. Most people find that stress is contributing at least partially to hair loss. Try meditating to reduce stress and restore the balance of hormones in your body. Also, make sure to get in some exercise every day. This can be a great stress reliever. Finally, talk or write about your cause of stress. Talking through a problem can help to lower your anxiety and help you feel more in control every day.

These three methods contain a variety of ways on how to stop hair loss naturally. If you’re tired of trying treatments that don’t work or are harsh on your scalp, use these natural remedies to manage hair loss and prevent yourself from continuing to lose hair.

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