The Search for the Most Effective Grey Hair Cure

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Gray Hair cures and SolutionsIt’s natural to want to get rid of gray hair. While there may have been a time when being old was synonymous to being full of wisdom, that time is long gone. Now old means old—and it’s not exactly considered a good thing. It becomes harder to find a job when you are considered too old by potential employers, and it can make your job more difficult to do if you are perceived as old and unattractive by others.

Being considered old and unattractive is also obviously going to be a problem for your social life. People are naturally more attracted to those who look younger than they really are. And this can be truly annoying if you are suffering from premature gray hair. It can do a lot of damage to your self –esteem.

So what can you do about it? There are several popular methods used to get rid of gray hair, but most have distinct disadvantages such as the following:

1. Wearing a hat or a cap.

In the US, wearing a cap has become a rather popular fad, and among older folks it’s a quick gray hair cure. It has the advantage of being cheap, and it’s quite easy to do. But the problem here is that for one, caps aren’t exactly nice to look at. They seem a bit juvenile especially for adults. They are also much too casual for the workplace or for dates and other social occasions. And then there’s the fact that the weather may be too warm for caps.

What about hats? Well, hats have been much less popular ever since the days of JFK, and again there are some times when you have to take them off in the presence of others. This is a temporary and imperfect solution.

2. Plucking off grey hairs.

This can work as a cure for gray hair, but only up to a point. First off, this can be a very tedious process, because you need someone to find the grey hairs and pluck it. You also need to have this done on a fairly regular basis.

But hair care experts warn that this practice can really traumatize your follicle. This regular trauma to your follicle is ultimately not good at all.

There also comes a point when there are too many gray hairs, so you’re left with very few hairs on your head. You may as well go bald, and that comes with its own set of disadvantages too. Essentially, having thinner hair or going bald is also a sign of aging, and some people may mistakenly pity you because they think you’re undergoing some sort of chemo. There’s no point in learning how to get rid of gray hair if what you’ll do is to just get rid of all your hair.

3. Hair dyes.

This is probably the most popular method used as a cure for gray hair yet, and it’s easy to see why. With hair dyes, you can get back your natural hair color, or even any color for that matter. It’s a sort of a semi-permanent solution if you want to know how to get rid of gray hair, because unlike caps or hats you don’t have to worry about the wind or about taking off the hair dye when you’re indoors.

Still, even hair dye proponents admit that there are disadvantages. For one, the process is quite complicated. While you can dye yourself at home, most people opt to have professionals do it for them.

But it’s not just the complicated process which is worrisome here, which by the way you will have to go through quite frequently. The smell of the hair dye is truly atrocious, and that indicates how strong the chemicals are that are in these dyes. These chemicals cause a lot of skin irritation, and the skin can get itchy and red. Allergic reactions are also quite common, and there have been some studies which indicate that it may increase your chances of getting cancer.

But the chemicals here can also damage your hair considerably. These chemicals are definitely not good for your hair, and there are many reports of side effects such as thinning hair and accelerated hair loss.

Finally, this can get very pricey in a hurry. Going to the hair salon for your gray hair cure costs money, and you have to go in often for touchups. You’ll need to reserve time for all these visits to the salon.

4. Reverse gray hair through natural supplements.

Science has already identified the most common causes of gray hair. Most often, it’s because your body has become too old to produce an enzyme called catalase, which is needed to produce hair in your natural color.

So if you want to know how to reverse gray hair, you then need to take a look at some natural catalase supplements such as Goodbye Grey Formula. This supplement works as a gray hair reversal method because it resupplies you with much needed catalase. Each dose gives you 5 times the recommended daily intake of catalase, which helps your body regain the catalase it needs. So not only do you reverse gray hair from your head, but you can also prevent the coming of gray hair in the future.

Goodbye Grey FormulaAnother benefit of the Goodbye Grey Formula is that not only is it much more permanent than other methods, it is also quite easy to use. It’s much easier than using hair dye, because you only need to take a couple of tablets a day. That’s it. That means it’s also much more affordable than using hair dye. And the results come quickly and you will notice a definite improvement in just a few weeks.

Finally, it also has other ingredients that actually promote thicker hair growth, which means you don’t have to worry about the formula causing some damage to your hair.

Learning how to reverse gray hair is perhaps your most effective response to gray hair. It’s easy, affordable, and it actually helps take care of your hair instead of harming it. This way, if you don’t get a job or if your date goes bad, you need to find another excuse than having gray hair.

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