Top 3 Most Effective Hair Regrow Treatments

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Let’s cut to the chase. This is a brief overview of the top three hair loss products available today, arranged by rank. There are far too many hair loss products being peddled around that provide no value whatsoever and frankly just a waste of your money. With these three however, you’re going to get the results you want, and that’s prevent hair loss.

  1. Har Vokse hair loss treatmentHar Vokse

At number one is Har Vokse and deservedly so. Since this product came out it’s been the subject of a lot of conversation and gotten positive reviews, but that’s hardly a surprise. Unlike other hair loss products, Har Vokse uses only natural ingredients to prevent hair loss and fortify whatever remains of your hair.

Thanks to the ingredients in Har Vokse, not only is hair loss prevented but the remaining hair on your head is strengthened. The product also minimizes scalp inflammation and more importantly, stimulates the follicles so you’ll grow hair in the future.

Other benefits of Har Vokse include the following:

  • It is a two-product system that’s designed to give you maximum benefits
  • No serious side effects
  • Ingredients are 100% natural
  • The product tackles the root cause of hair loss so it’s more effective when it comes to stimulating growth

While Har Vokse has been proven to work, the time it takes to see results will vary on a case to case basis because people go through different levels of hair loss. Even so, a study published in the Journal of International Medical Research in 2001 proved that Har Vokse does work.

The study published in the Journal is extremely detailed, but basically the researchers asked 60 volunteers to participate. The objective was to test the efficiency of Har Vokse, and the experiment divided the volunteers into two groups, with one receiving Har Vokse and the other placebo.

To ensure fairness, all the volunteers had similar levels of hair loss and used the same kind of treatments, but after six months, 85% of those that took Har Vokse reported significant improvement in terms of hair growth. In contrast, those that were only given placebo reported no improvements at all. At the end of the six month period, those who were given placebos were asked to take Har Vokse, and they also reported significant improvements.

How Har Vokse Works

It should be stressed that Har Vokse, as are the other two products reviewed here, are not cures for baldness. Rather, they have been formulated to prevent hair loss.

As a hair loss product, Har Vokse works differently from the others because it minimizes hair loss and stimulates growth naturally. Instead of applying all sorts of chemicals in your hair, Har Vokse works in accordance with your hair’s natural cycle.

The spray works by strengthening and protecting your hair. As you use Har Vokse regularly, the potent ingredients make their way deep into your hair and stimulate follicles, leading to growth. As the spray prevents your remaining hair from falling off, it also provides all the nutrients required to regrow hair.


As a combination product, Har Vokse is more effective than traditional hair loss treatments because it works on the problem from multiple angles. Another reason why Har Vokse is effective is in the choice of ingredients, which includes Marine Polysaccharides, a substance that’s known to stimulate growth of hair follicles.

Other ingredients in Har Vokse include amino acids which improve blood circulation in the hair roots and helps hair roots absorb nutrients. Har Vokse also contains grape seed extract, an antioxidant that protects hair follicles and provides extra strength. In addition, the other ingredients in the spray remove dead cells in your scalp, paving the way for the growth of new hair cells.

Har Vokse is available as a topical hair spray and in digestible supplement form. To use the spray, spray on your damp hair twice a day. For the supplements, just take two tablets a day. Give Har Vokse three months and you’ll notice the difference.

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  1. Provillus hair loss treatmentProviillus

Next to Har Vokse, Proviillus is the best option as it has been rigorously tested. Proviillus also has a high concentration of minoxidil (5%), which clinical trials show is an effective way to prevent hair loss and promote growth.

Proviillus package has two components, the capsules and a spray which you apply on your head. As pointed out above, the secret of Proviillus is the 5% minoxidil and the horsetail silica, which together work to restore your hair. Because minoxidil is an antihypertensive vasodilator, it’s very effective in slowing down hair loss and promoting growth of new hair cells.

Minoxidil is a proven treatment for hair loss, which is why a number of products use it as an active ingredient. However, only Proviillus has such a pure and high concentration so it’s more effective. Minoxidil aside, the addition of horsetail silica also helps because it protects the new hairs that minoxidil generates.

Basically what horsetail silica does is provide a healthy dose of keratin for each of those hair strands. By adding a layer of keratin to your hair, it doesn’t become susceptible to breakage or damage.

Besides the spray, Proviillus includes an oral supplement, and each capsule is rich in herbs, vitamins and minerals that stimulate hair growth.

Proviillus for Men and Women

The company behind Proviillus is aware of the difference between men and women’s hair, so two versions of the product are available. Although both have high amounts of minoxidil, there are enough differences in the product to cater to the needs of men and women.

How Proviillus Works

Proviillus promotes hair growth using a unique three-step process. First it provides nourishment for your hair by supplying calcium, vitamin B complex, iron, zinc and magnesium. According to several studies, these minerals and vitamins are essential for promoting hair growth and prevent hair from falling off. Provided you take Proviillus according to directions, you’ll notice the difference as your hair starts to get healthier.

Second, Proviillus provides a “fertile ground” for hair to grow, which makes it easy for new hair cells to develop and grow. With sufficient amounts of horsetail silica and minoxidil, hair will start to grow from the inside and eventually replace your old receding hairline.

Third, Proviillus provides protection for your hair against cortisol, 5-enzyme alpha reductase and other substances that impede hair growth. These substances are usually found in hair products like shampoos and hair conditioners, and if hair is left unprotected will suffer serious damage.

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  1. Groei360Groei360

Rounding out the top three is Groei360. While not as potent as Har Vokse or Proviillus, it is more affordable and the ideal solution if you’re on a tight budget. Available in spray form, Groei360 contains natural ingredients that have been specially formulated to rejuvenate hair growth and prevent any additional loss.

The Ingredients

Ingredients in Groei360 are the following:

  • Ginseng and Green Tea Extract: green tea is an antioxidant that prevents toxins from affecting hair growth, and together with ginseng ensures your hair follicles receive adequate blood flow. In addition green tea slows down aging, which is one of the reasons for premature thinning of hair and balding. Green tea works well on its own, but when combined with ginseng the effects are doubled.
  • Vegetable Glycerin: hydration is essential for healthy hair, and that’s why Groei360 has vegetable glycerin to hydrate your scalp. Without proper hydration it will be next to impossible for hair follicles to regrow and stay healthy, hence its importance.

One of the reasons why other hair loss formulas don’t work is they don’t provide the ingredients necessary for sustained hair growth. It’s one thing to have hair follicles grow and quite another to sustain this. Men who suffer from a receding hairline usually have problems with hair dryness, which vegetable glycerin addresses.

  • Vitamins A, C and E: Groei360 is fortified with vitamins A, C and E, all of which are necessary to ensure hair regrows at a healthy pace. Vitamins are also necessary to prevent scalp damage.

The reason why these three vitamins are important is they work together to replenish damaged hair cells and strengthen the hair strands. In addition, Groei360 plays an important role in generating hair strands from the tips to roots.

In addition to these, Groei360 contains vinegar and baking soda which helps hair grow faster and at the same time keeps your pores clear of any free radicals that damage healthy cells. Groei360 also contains denatured alcohol, a natural substance that keeps all of its ingredients potent and fresh. Aside from ensuring freshness, denature alcohol also helps your skin and hair absorb all the nutrients efficiently.

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Har Vokse is definitely the best of the three, as it’s backed by clinical studies as well as testimonials from all over the web. Given a choice between the three, Har Vokse is number one. While not as effective, Proviillus is a decent alternative, and if you’re on a budget, you can try Groei360, which isn’t as good but does well for the price.

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